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Growing up with an artist father meant that Olive Ribaudo was surrounded by art. Not only did she get to know his art, the family also regularly visited museums while traveling.

“I grew up seeing many versions of what art can be,” said the 14-year-old Riverside resident.

However, it was the coronavirus pandemic that inspired Ribaudo to create her own art. In search of something that didn’t require her to work on the computer, she started crocheting and making jewelry. When it started again, the family traveled to “Volkswagen campsites”. These unique camping and car show events bring Volkswagen enthusiasts from across the country together.

“When we went camping in our bus last spring, I started selling at Volkswagen trade fairs,” said Ribaudo. “I sold my handicrafts for the first time this spring at the VW Spring Picnic & Campout in Featherly Park and then again at the Blackstar Campout in the Prado. I was surprised that people actually bought the things I made. “

Jewelery by the young riverside artist Olive Ribaudo. (Photo by Jeff Ribaudo)

When the downtown Riverside Artswalk returned on July 1st, Ribaudo decided to go one step further and performed under the vendor name “Tate’s Trinkets” for the first time.

“I saw the sellers when my family went to the artswalk,” she said. “My father always told me that his students were the ones who started selling on the corner.”

The event, which takes place every first Thursday of the month, began in 2002 with museums, galleries and studios opening their doors to the public. Individual artists began to settle on the corner of University and Lemon, which eventually led to the vendors being placed in the parking lot on the same corner.

Ribaudo is the youngest supplier on the lot. She has settled down under the watchful eyes of her parents for each of the three months Artswalk is back.

“I had fun and met new people,” she said. “I am grateful to have the opportunity to do this at a young age. I know I’m lucky that my father was active in the riverside arts scene, so he knew how to sign up for it. “

Small examples of crochet work by the young riverside artist Olive Ribaudo. (Photo by Jeff Ribaudo)

Ribaudo also exhibited her work as part of one of her father’s exhibitions at the SCA Gallery in Pomona, adding her own installation. She also had her digital work in the Riverside Unified School District’s virtual art exhibition last year.

The arts are something Ribaudo enjoys to express herself and to take a break from the things she needs to do and learn in school.

“I’ve seen some strange art with my parents, and both my mom and dad have always taught us to question what art is, so I really think art is a way for all of us to have a voice” , she said.

Ribaudo also enjoys reading, hiking and photography.

“And I love cats,” she said. “And Volkswagen. I have a lot of pictures of cats and Volkswagen. “

A student at Riverside Poly High School, Ribaudo joined the cross-country team so she ran a lot.

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