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Christmas is just around the corner and promises delicious rum cakes, merry Christmas carols and a family reunion. The tell-tale signs of an iconic Christmas festival in the West – snow on trees, holly wreaths on doors, and fairy lights adorned suburban houses – may not be easily recognized in a city like Delhi.

Over the years, however, the people here have made this occasion their own. Now people are decorating their homes with stockings, candy canes, and an array of ornaments to kick off the Christmas cheer. Be it embroidered wreaths, crocheted ornaments or personalized stockings, these local decoration brands feel like it is slowly looking like Christmas.

Ring out the old; ring in the new one

In 2017, GK-I’s designer, Sakshi Babber Paul (36), decided to found Design Station, a company for the upscale textile industry that normally ends up in the landfill. Her brand uses traditional textiles and handicrafts to create contemporary home decor.

For Christmas Design Station launched its latest Christmas collection entitled “Take Me Home”. It features hand-embroidered bells, knitted ornaments, and candy cane pillows made from discarded fabric.

“The theme is based on the idea of ​​how Christmas reunites families to celebrate special moments with them. Every ornament has a story to tell, and with recycled fabric, like the stories, the decor can be passed on for generations, ”says Paul.

Where: Design Station on Instagram

Price: Backs from 250

Tailor-made Christmas offers

“We have always been enthusiastic about Christmas”, shares GK-I resident Kaash Bhuchar, co-founder of Silver Glitter – which specializes in individual decorations and gift options – with her friend Sanjam Hingle from Model Town.

“We discussed how people in other countries would decorate their houses for Christmas. So we decided to bring the Christmas spirit to Delhi in the form of personalized decorations, ”says Bhuchar (35).

This season the brand has personalized mason jars as part of their Christmas collection. There are also decorative ornaments such as stockings, stars, snowflakes, candy canes, neon lights and metal monograms, all of which can be personalized according to your own preferences.

Where: Silver glitter on Instagram

Price: Rs. 400-Rs. 1,250

Complicated Christmas innovations

The pandemic lockdown was a time when Shraddha Vasisht from Faridabad developed an interest in crocheting. With the help of her daughter Deeksha, this hobby eventually grew into a small business, Kira Crochet.

“My mother always has to do something with her time, otherwise she gets nervous. She wouldn’t be bored with Kira and would earn a little money for her creations, ”comments Deeksha.

You have a number of options – table decorations and Christmas decorations like crocheted Christmas trees, snowflakes, mini sweaters, Santas, stars, and stockings – to choose from. This Christmas season, the duo have also decided to add a crocheted Christmas garland to their list.

Where: Kira crochet on Instagram

Price: Rs. 250-Rs. 500

Embroidered balls

Ritu Jain (51), who lives in Noida, has always enjoyed embroidery. Her Instagram page, Hazel Embroidery Designs, is a by-product of her passion for anything hand-embroidered. Her creations include a range of hoops in unique festive and wintry motifs such as winter landscapes, Christmas trees, holly wreaths, snowflakes and more.

For Christmas, their brand presents a range of hoop earrings that can be used as wall decorations, Christmas tree decorations or even stylist wreaths to greet your guests with the Christmas spirit. Jain also offers a special set of instructions and designs for anyone looking to create their own embroidered Christmas decorations.

“All of my work is handcrafted with very fine designs that make it unique. My knowledge of textiles also helps me choose color palettes that complement each other and give the creations a delicate vintage look, ”says Jain.

Where: Hazelnut Embroidery Designs on Instagram

Price: Rs. 400-Rs. 1,500

Hand-sewn junk

For Anju Tamang (32), who lives in Malviya Nagar, the manufacture of hand-sewn products began with the manufacture of wall hangings for her newborn child. Her business flourished through word of mouth this year, and Tamang launched her Instagram page Saanjh Creations in September.

Hoping to help families usher in the holiday season, Tamang’s creations feature hand-sewn Christmas decorations, bunting, bespoke Santa hats, stockings and pillows. “Good customer service is important to me. I also shop on Instagram so I try to provide the service I want for myself, ”says Tamang.

Where: Saanjh Creations on Instagram

Price: Rs. 300-Rs. 1,200


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