Wellness Wednesday: Try something new!

Although the terms “wellness” and “fitness” are often used interchangeably, physical fitness is only one component of general wellbeing. Other aspects can include developing your intellectual, emotional, professional, environmental, financial, spiritual, and social wellbeing. If you are determined to try something new, learn a new skill or hobby, and soak up the culture in 2022, Asheville Parks & Recreation offers many free and inexpensive opportunities for lifelong learning.

Adult coloring books are one of the latest trends in combating stress and anxiety. A collaboration between the City of Asheville, area nonprofits and agencies, and local artists, enables residents to connect to food sources and learn about community gardens through beautifully illustrated pages of a new adult coloring book. In the garden. Get a free copy anytime Community center or Print it out at home.

Older adults and retirees

If you want to share your learned experiences, channel down your literary skills Harvest House Community Center‘S Life Writing Workshop every first Wednesday of the month. Other choices at Harvest House include weaving, sculpting, woodworking, ceramics, billiards, line dancing, knitting and crocheting, music, card games, and dominoes day trips to nearby attractions such as the Asheville Art Museum, Little Switzerland and local breweries.

Variety is the spice of life and the Center for Senior Opportunities offers table games, crossword puzzles, crafts, book clubs, gardening, and more on weekdays. Through a partnership with the Council on Aging of Buncombe County, free of charge Eating for seniors Lunch meals are offered every weekday with guest educational speakers. Having lunch is also available at Linwood Crump Shiloh Community Center Wednesday-Friday with innovative chair exercises to increase flexibility and strength.

Burton Street Senior Elite Club meets Tuesdays and Thursdays for community, games, movies, meals, day trips, and other fun activities. To explore the local culinary scene, join the Lunch buffet A different local restaurant each month with upcoming visits to Buxton Hall and Sunset Terrace at the Omni Grove Park Inn. Time of our Lives during Senior Trippin ‘ and Senior tripster are monthly clubs with trips to bowling alleys, restaurants and cinemas.

A full list of programs for older adults can be found here.

Click here for Harvest House’s weekly schedule of exercise, arts, crafts, games and clubs.


adult woman with plate of tamalesThe Burton Street Community Center is your place to learn Basic care of the vehicle, create healthy latin american dishes, and Play bingo. For everyone with (and without) a musical ear, community jams offer the opportunity to play, sing, dance or watch neighbors and friends to a musical rainbow. Later in the year, team members host movies and walks.

Robotics 101 provides an introduction to designing, building, and constructing your own robot creation while Art nights with access to the community offer another option for creative expression. Tempie Avery Montford Community Center also offers introductory and advanced courses in Indoor climbing.

If you’re a beginner, intermediate, or professional card player check out the Ultimate Bid Whist / Spades Party on Tuesday evening at Linwood Crump Shiloh Community Center. The center also offers Tai chi classes, bingo, Riddle with Paul, Just a Dash recipe club, Talent shows, and From me for me, a do-it-yourself program that teaches you how to make soaps, candles, body scrubs, and more.

At the Stephens-Lee Community Center you have the opportunity to learn something new: Indoor pickleball, bingo, line dancing, offer whist, Scrabble, one, and basketball.

A full list of adult programs can be found here.


the Stephens-Lee Teen Leadership Program consists of a variety of activities, rewarding projects, excursions, and more. If the school is canceled on the teachers’ working days, Teen outing offers games, special events, and excursions to bowl, volunteer, or visit the Science Museum in Charlotte and an Escape Room in Greenville.

A full list of youth programs can be found here.

Children and toddlers

Child in dramatic gameWhen school is down on scheduled working days, community centers host A fun day with games, crafts and unique activities. Boyz 2 men and All about me are clubs for boys and girls that meet monthly to go on excursions, host after parties, host overnight stays, play games, do volunteer work, and much more.

Community centers across town offer afternoon programs, rock climbing and paddle camps, open gyms, and more.

A full list of programs for children and toddlers can be found here.

Download the new one AVL Rec app for iPhone, search Programs online, or browse our Programming instructions for the latest options and updates.

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