This Pattern Will Teach You How to Crochet Joe Exotic From Netflix’s ‘Tiger King’

If you’ve watched Netflix Tiger King Documentary, you probably know a lot about a certain Oklahoma man named Joe Exotic. Whether you support his views or not, I think we can all agree that Joe Exotic is a man like no other. From his obsession with big cats to his unorthodox marriage to his spontaneous involvement as a presidential candidate, he’s someone you won’t soon forget. While Joe Exotic’s own future is uncertain, you can keep the memory of the one-of-a-kind Tiger King alive by crocheting your own doll replica of him.

Exotic Tiger Man amigurumi crochet pattern

craftyiscool crochet

$ 7.00

Etsy seller Allison Hoffman, who runs craftingiscoolcrochet, is currently selling a Tiger King crochet pattern for $ 10.37 ($ 7). This pattern will walk you through all of the steps to create a miniature crocheted doll from Joe Exotic (also known as an amigurumi), as well as a little tiger cub to accompany him. From the mullet to the eyebrow ring to the knee brace, no detail is left out. It includes 21 pages of instructions and 57 photos to make the process easier. It’s the perfect activity to pass the time while stuck indoors. Also crochet is scientifically proven to make you happier and calmer. Note that materials are not included, and you are only purchasing the sample.

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