The local makers gift guide 2021: 14 Kiwi things to give this Christmas

There’s nothing like giving the perfect gift.

Seeing the joy on a loved one’s face when you give them the gift they didn’t know they wanted badly before tearing open your box is better than getting a pressie yourself.

There are around 80 hours of shopping until Christmas Day and over a week to ship if you’re ordering from Aotearoa-NZ, Beloved – we’ve got you covered

This year, give away the gift of buying locally with our gift guide for local manufacturers.


This year, give away the gift of buying locally with our gift guide for local manufacturers.

From art to soap, from knives to crochet kits, there is something for everyone on this list of homemade goodies.

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For the art lover

Giant Minties Print No. 3 (Limited Edition), Simon Lewis Wards, $ 2,750

It’s most of what you’ll ever pay for a mintie, but at least it won’t rip out your fillings.

This whimsical print was made to celebrate 100 years of New Zealand’s favorite Chewie goodie.

Popcorn, Madeleine Child, $ 70 each

Playful, nostalgic ceramic art that goes with any interior, these little popcorn sculptures bring back happy childhood memories.

They come in all sorts of colors, so pick a few that match or contrast to create your own look.

Antarctica, wood block print, Nic Tucker, $ 200

Dunedin artist Nic Tucker has been recording the landmarks of Aotearoa New Zealand for nearly 20 years, carving each scene into beautiful blocks of wood for printing in a time-honored tradition that plays on the old screen printing tourism advertisements of the 1940s and 50s. and touristic style art that celebrates nature.

Monumental mountains, alluring beaches and lush forests are described with the flick of his carving tools. A Nic Tucker print would be an eye-catcher in every living room.

For the kitchen

Large stacking cup, Richard Beauchamp, $ 55

Relatively new to the pottery scene, Beauchamp made hundreds of these beautiful, perfectly balanced mugs while learning the craft of pot throwing.

There is something about the milky, creamy glazes he uses, combined with the straight up and down shape of the cups that refer to the classic Crown Lynn. His cups are a kiwi classic of the future.

Native Wood Cheese Knife Set, MZ Design, $ 42.50

This set of three knives is made from sustainably sourced and recycled local woods and wants to be kept simple.

Perfect for the cheese platter after Christmas dinner or a deconstructed plowman on Boxing Day.

Cooked Rice, Rauawaawa Enterprise for Seniors Ambitions, $ 50

Lovingly designed with Kāumatua in mind, these cookie cutters are designed so that older hands don’t have to squeeze as hard to get a good cookie shape.

Made from food-safe polypropylene in Kirikiriroa-Hamilton, this collection of three cookie cutters includes a Koru (a coil or spiral), a Hei Matau (fish hook) and a Pikorua (a twist).

For the craftsman

Lissy Cole Design: Whētu ​​crochet kit, $ 59

It might be too late to decorate your Kīhirimete tree this year, but this crochet kit from Lissy and Rudi Robinson Cole, the number 1 crochet artists from Aotearoa NZ, is not just for Christmas, it’s for life.

The set contains a ball of Robinson-Cole’s signature pink thread and a wooden crochet hook, as well as instructions for crocheting your own star.

Clever Poppy, Beginner Embroidery Package, $ 159

Have you always wanted to learn the fine craft of sewing? Here is your chance. This kit contains everything you need to start a beautiful, modern piece while learning how to make stitches and knots that you can use for years to come.

For the gardener

Handcrafted fork, rake, and trowel set, $ 165

A unique set made from recycled Rimu, an heirloom that the handy gardener will pass on to his grandchildren.

There is only one set available, so grab it quickly.

Wellington Pharmacy, Kawakawa Balm, $ 16

The medicinal properties of the native Bushkawakawa are legendary: anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, calming and invigorating, everything your poor hands need after a day in the garden.

Wellington Pharmacy makes this balm in the capital city using extra virgin olive oil, kawakawa leaves that have been nicely chewed by caterpillars (this releases the plant from all of its healing chemicals), and New Zealand beeswax and manuka essential oil for added antiseptic and calming power.

Naturebox – fully assembled, $ 399

These garden boxes make it easy to grow your own food no matter how small your property is or how inflexible your back is these days.

The box is large, lined and can be filled with soil compost and plants of your choice.

For the hard to buy

Flox picnic blanket and bag, $ 95

The artist Hayley King creates elaborate stencil prints with native trees, plants and birds that blur the line between graphic and street art.

Recently, these rich, luscious images were turned into textiles and used to make everything from shopping bags to dull umbrellas. This beautiful picnic blanket comes with a small strap so that you have both hands free to carry the basket.

Mavis and Osbourne laundry basket, $ 285

Are you struggling to get excited about washing your ski vies? Throw them in this gorgeous thing and you will never miss a hot wash again.

Made from recycled steel and 100 percent cotton, this is a sustainable basket that you will use for years.

Hand felted cat in a frame, Jackalope Treasures, $ 196

For the cat lover who has it all, try this adorable ginger kitten that will stick its little face where it shouldn’t.

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