The 7 Best Crochet Kits For Beginners

When learning to crochet, it can be difficult to know what materials to start with. A crochet kit can help. The best crochet kits for beginners differ in what materials they contain, and the right one for you depends on how you want to learn to crochet and what you want to make.

If you want to learn the craft from a book, find an inclusive kit of crochet hooks, small supplies like stitch markers and darning needles (commonly known as “notions”), thread, and instructions for basic crochet stitches or specific projects. If you want to learn primarily from online videos and samples of your choice, a kit that focuses more on a wide variety of hooks and terms will likely suit your needs.

You should also consider what materials you plan to use. In my experience, plastic hooks and darning needles, while more budget-friendly, can also be less convenient to use because they bend easily – but all in all, they can be a great option for anyone who wants to try crocheting but doesn’t want to yet invest a lot of money in the hobby. Metal and wooden hooks and darning needles are usually a little more expensive, but ultimately easier to use because they are more sturdy.

Opting for a crochet kit with different hook sizes will allow you to do a wider variety of projects in the future. But kits often include just a size or two of hooks to make certain projects come true. Almost any type of item, from accessories to amigurumi figurines, can be made with any hook size, and the best hook for you simply depends on the pattern you want to use and the look you want to achieve. Similarly, many of these kits contain either acrylic or cotton thread, which is great for learning. Keep in mind, however, that the amount of thread included will vary by kit.

Below are seven unique sets that will introduce you to the art of crocheting.

1. An all-in-one set of hooks and materials with lots of thread

This kit includes all of the physical materials you will need to start crocheting. It contains nine metal crochet hooks in sizes B to J, 12 metal darning needles, 10 locking stitch markers, a row counter, a tape measure, two stitch holders, a measuring ruler, a thread cutter, three cable holders and a zip pocket to hold the hooks and tools. You will also receive 12 strands of acrylic yarn in different colors, each 110 meters long. So you should have more than enough for your first practice patterns and projects. It does not contain instructions. So, if you are a complete beginner but want to learn from video tutorials or other online resources, this is a great kit for you.

One reviewer wrote: “I tried this yarn package out of curiosity. I am so glad I bought this. I’m a beginner, everything is included. It’s super soft, plus it’s made of acrylic so you can easily use it if you have a wool allergy.

2. A kit with hooks, terms, instructions and 15 samples

This starter crochet kit is a great option for beginners who would rather learn the craft from a book but still want to add a little more personalization by choosing the yarn they are using. The set contains five metal crochet hooks in sizes G to K, an Afghan crochet hook, two plastic darning needles, seven stitch markers, scissors and a stitch gauge. It also comes with a physical book that walks you through basic crochet stitches, including a left-handed guide and 15 patterns. You’ll need to buy yarn to practice and do your first few projects, but don’t worry – the guides in the book will tell you what type of yarn to use.

One reviewer wrote: “This set is WONDERFUL! I was able to teach myself how to crochet again in a matter of minutes. The pictures and instructions are easy to understand and easy to follow. They teach the basics so well that you don’t need to be experienced to learn quickly. The book even has a few simple patterns to try out that I’ll make for practice. The tools in the set are easy to use and the variety of crochet hooks is superb. As soon as I am able to maintain even seams, I will sew an Afghan for my granddaughter. Hopefully for her birthday, but if it’s not ready, then soon! Highly recommended.”

3. This set contains everything you need to make a tea towel

Whether you’re learning to crochet or want to improve your basic knowledge and reading pattern with a start-to-finish project, this tea towel project kit is a great choice. It comes with everything you need to crochet three tea towels, including: a size J wooden crochet hook, three 190-yard strands of Dishie yarn (each a different color), and a metal darning needle. A beginner textbook is also included, which provides photo-illustrated step-by-step instructions for the project. Are you worried about how to care for your new, precious tea towel? Dishie yarn is made of cotton and is machine and dryer safe.

One reviewer wrote: “That was such a cute way to start my crochet journey! The package is adorable, the yarn is great quality, and the instructions really got me started. Highly recommended for beginners! “

4. An amigurumi kit for beginners

If your goal is to learn amigurumi, the Japanese way of crocheting small animals and figures, this beginner-friendly kit will help you learn the basic skills and even complete some animal projects. It contains a hook (which was thought to be made of metal by a reviewer), a metal darning needle, the yarn necessary to make penguin and koala figurines, a filling, and two pairs of safety eyes. Also included is an 80-page book with instructions for making 10 stuffed animals. You’ll need to buy extra yarn to make the other eight animals, but don’t worry, instructions on choosing materials to make are also included in the book.

One reviewer wrote: “PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS !!! I’m just starting to crochet and this was the first book I bought teaching me how to do it! The instructions are great and there are such cute designs. You can only make two or three creations with the yarn provided, but it’s super easy to get similar yarns at your local store. “

5. This crochet kit for fans of war of stars

Do you want to make pop culture amigurumi figurines to show off to your friends? this war of stars Crochet kit comes with a hook, darning needle, filling, safety eyelets and thread to make a Yoda and Stormtrooper figure. While the manufacturer doesn’t specify the hook material, reviewers describe it as a metal that is “fairly thin” and “on par with any other brand’s simple aluminum hook” – with that in mind, one reviewer recommended investing in higher quality hooks if you got over want to continue crocheting the projects included. The textbook includes step-by-step instructions for making the Yoda and Stormtrooper, plus 10 more figurines (though you’ll need to purchase yarn to make these separately).

One reviewer wrote: “Perfect for the Star Wars nerds! These patterns are beautifully written and easy to follow. These are written so that even the novice crochet beginner can tackle the projects and get a great result! The pictures are super helpful and the instructions are super easy to follow. Recommend this set to every amigurumist! “

6. A budget-friendly crochet kit for young artisans

This crochet set for children is just right for the budding young craftsman, which contains two plastic crochet hooks, a plastic darning needle and five small spools of thread. The instructions are illustrated for real beginners who are right or left handed. Designed for hobbyists ages eight and up, the kit includes instructions and materials to create a mini bag, coaster, and placemat after you’ve learned the basic stitches.

One reviewer wrote: “Easy to learn to crochet for me and my 7 year old daughter. Came with everything you need to learn. Bought more yarn for my daughter because she wanted to keep crocheting. Definitely recommended if you don’t know how or need a brush up on crocheting! ”

7. This ergonomic crochet hook set

You can successfully teach yourself to crochet even if you don’t have an all-inclusive kit, and this hook kit contains the most basic tools you need to get started. It comes with 12 metal crochet hooks in sizes from 2 millimeters to 8 millimeters (roughly equivalent to US sizes B – L), which have ergonomic handles and are supplied in a felt roll case for easy storage. Overall, the Calcotec kit seems like a solid collection of crochets if you’re learning to crochet from video or online tutorials and want to choose your own yarn for your first few projects.

One reviewer wrote: “I’m new to crocheting and don’t have many hooks. Every time I find a sewing pattern online, I discover that I am not the right size. Finding this item, all sizes and in one case, answered my problem. They are neatly organized and I always know where they are. The hooks are also great to work with. I love the different colored handles and they fit my hand very well. Having all of these saves me time and gas from having to walk to the nearest store and hope that they are the size I need. I will also be able to start spontaneously and work on what I would like to try out. I highly recommend this product. It would be a great Christmas present for someone who is smart. “

Also great: an acrylic thread that you can buy in bulk

Trust me when I say you will need a lot of yarn to practice your newly learned crochet stitches. This medium weight worsted acrylic yarn is the perfect choice for both practice and beginner projects. It’s easy to use, can be used to make homeware or accessories, is machine washable, and won’t fray if you have to mend it (aka tear out a few stitches to try again).

Another great tool: A handy beginner crochet book

Sometimes it is hard to beat a physical textbook when learning a new skill. Take notes, fold pages, and carry this book with you while you practice, practice, crochet. Alison McNicols Crochet provides basic instructions for various stitches, photos, and patterns for beginner-oriented projects, including hats, baby blankets, grandma squares, scarves, and mittens.

Are you looking for a book specifically with instructions on how to crochet your first blanket? cashbox My first Afghanwhich contains 12 patterns to get you started.

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