Team Affinity Season 2 goes live, Legends & Future Stars, All Rewards, Missions, Moments & more

MLB The Show 21 has now officially kicked off Team Affinity Season 2 for Diamond Dynasty with some great rewards.

Legends & Flashbacks is the theme of Team Affinity Season 2, and players can now jump into MLB The Show 21 to begin completing the program.

Current – Season 2 is LIVE

MLB The Show 21 has finally brought Season 2 of Team Affinity live into the game, and that means players will have plenty of new challenges to face.

There are 30 new Diamond players as rewards, a large collection with an ultra-powerful Mariano Rivera, and tons of new challenges.

Team Affinity Season 2 also includes new Conquest maps, and here you can find details on how to find hidden rewards and their well-known locations in Conquest.

Team Affinity Season 2 is Legends & Future Stars

Team Affinity challenges players to complete tasks associated with specific departments and teams, which can bring in some great rewards.

This can include powerful Diamond Tier players that can be used in Diamond Dynasty, equipment, and various other unlockable items.

The theme of Season 2 is “Legends & Future Stars”, which follows the “42 Series” which was a focus of Season 1.

Start and end dates for season 2

Season 2 of Team Affinity officially starts on Friday, May 28, 2021 about against 12 p.m. PT (2 p.m. CT / 3 p.m. ET).

LEGENDS & FUTURE STARS: All of these cards are available now

The good news is that there is no end date or time shortage in completing Team Affinity.

Season 1 will continue to be available to players, and Season 2 is now also live.

Any promotions completed in the game that have crossovers and would earn team affinity points for both programs will give these rewards in each if you have not yet completed Season 1.

All rewards, legends and players

All 30 major league teams will receive their own special Diamond Tier Player Rewards in Team Affinity Season 2, and players will need to complete each division program to earn them.

LEGENDS AND FUTURE STARS: Redeem these awesome players now

The following rewards are confirmed for Season 2 of Team Affinity:

At least

  • Jordan Groshans, 95 GES, Toronto Blue Jays
  • Jimmie Foxx, 93 GES, Boston Red Sox
  • Cal Ripken Jr., 94 OVR, Baltimore Orioles
  • Lou Gehrig, 95 GES, New York Yankees
  • Shane McClanahan, 93 GES, Tampa Bay Rays

AL central

  • Jordan Balazovic, 92 OVR, Minnesota Twins
  • Johnny Damon, 93 GES, Kansas City Royals
  • Isaac Paredes, 92 OVR, Detroit Tigers
  • Jim Thome, 96 OVR, Cleveland Indians
  • Garrett crochet, 94 GES, Chicago White Sox

AL West

  • Sam Huff, 93 GES, Texas Rangers
  • Roy Oswalt, 96 OVR, Houston Astros
  • Torii hunter, 96 GES, Los Angeles Angels
  • Robert Puason, 92 GES, Oakland Athletics
  • Edgar Martinez, 95 GES, Seattle Mariners

NL East

  • Jackson Rutledge, 92 GES, Washington Nationals
  • Hank Aaron, 94 GES, Atlanta Braves
  • Edward Cabrera, 94 OVR, Miami Marlins
  • Ronny Mauricio, 93 GES, New York Mets
  • Cliff Lee, 97 OVR, Philadelphia Phillies

NL central

  • Joe Torre, 96 GES, St. Louis Cardinals
  • Quinn priest, 95 OVR, Pittsburgh Pirates
  • Brice Turang, 92 GES, Milwaukee Brewers
  • Johnny Bank, 94 OVR, Cincinnati Reds
  • Mark beforehand, 95 GES, Chicago Cubs

NL West

  • Willie Mays, 94 GES, San Francisco Giants
  • Tony Gwynn, 93 GES, San Diego Padres
  • Josiah Gray, 94 GES, Los Angeles Dodgers
  • Dante Bichette, 96 OVR, Colorado Rockies
  • Brandon Webb, 93 GES, Arizona Diamondbacks

If you complete the reward path of each division in the Team Affinity Season 2 program, you will receive five selection packs at the end of the program that will allow players to select and unlock all 30 of those players when they complete each program.

Also, as you complete these programs, you will receive dozens of unlockable items and other packages.

The ultimate reward for Team Affinity Season 2 is a brand new 99 OVR version of Mariano Riveramaking him the first 99 OVR Closing Pitcher in the Diamond Dynasty.

Players will have to complete a number of other collections to complete the Rivera collection and unlock this ultra powerful pitcher for your bullpen.

Missions, Moments, Conquest and more

There are tons of ways to earn Team Affinity Points to complete these programs in Diamond Dynasty and reap the rewards.

The good news is that Season 1 of Team Affinity is going nowhere. So, things like March through October now offer Team Affinity Points for both programs at the same time if you haven’t already completed Season 1.

SIMULTANEOUS POINTS: Some promotions will benefit both seasons

Each division also includes new missions, moments, collections, exchanges, and a new conquest map that can be completed.

One of the best ways to earn Team Affinity Points is to put together a team with players from the division you are currently working on. This means that every game counts record appearances for a mission in that division.

Once you’ve created your Division Theme Team, head to the Conquest Map for that Division and work your way through to collect rewards across multiple levels at once.

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