Stitch Your Favorite ‘Friends’ Characters With This Cool Crochet Kit

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The popularity of the popular television sitcom friends has only increased since the last episode aired in 2004. It’s especially popular with younger Millennials and Gen Zers who are watched on streaming platforms like Netflix and HBO Max. However, if you fall into the newly minted “geriatric millennials” age group (born between 1980 and 1985), you will likely remember watching the show during its original decade-long run. Nostalgia for the popular sitcom is not neglected. And since the highly anticipated reunion only aired last week, it shows no sign of stopping anytime soon.

So if you haven’t gotten enough of nostalgia friends Content and memorabilia, here’s something that goes right in your direction: a friends Crochet set! A perfect gift – for yourself or for yourself friendsobsessed handyman in your life – now you can make good use of the hours you spend spending 10 full seasons. The kit includes an 80-page paperback book with photos and detailed instructions on how to crochet each of the main characters in the series and a few other favorites – including the iconic Central Perk couch, Thanksgiving turkey, and Phoebe’s guitar. The set also comes with all of the materials you need to get started.

Not that into crocheting? Do not worry. There are many other ways to accommodate your needs friends Cravings. Scroll down to find out where you got the friends Crochet kit and a list of others friends– themed goodies.

Now you can make good use of the hours you’ve spent doing it friends Crochet package!

Friends tv show gifts

Allison Hoffman | $ 17.55

Don’t you love to crochet? Here are 10 others friends-Themed articles to choose from.

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Friends tv show gifts

Samantha Mannis | $ 14.99

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Friends Puzzle Sticker Art

Thunder Bay Press | $ 6.84

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Friends quotes postcards

Thunder Bay Press | $ 7.49

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Friends quiz game

Soponder | $ 15.97

Printable friends Guess who game

Friends tv show gifts

90 days fiance | $ 6.39

friends Enamel pin set

Friends tv show gifts

Wild Llama Studio | $ 9.98

Hand painted friends Earrings

Friends tv show gifts

The blue-green craft room | $ 14.95 +

friends Peephole frame

Friends peephole frame

The retro shop | $ 25.40 +

Central advantage Lego set

Central advantage Lego set

LEGO | $ 53.99

the friends Apartments Lego set

The Friends Apartments Lego set

LEGO | $ 149.99

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