St Catherine woman finds new beginning with crochet | News

When Tamicia Porter was fired from her business process outsourcing job, she had to find an alternative source of income.

After some thought, she found that her crochet hook was the answer. Fast forward six months later and the decision to go that route has resulted in dozens of crocheted items being made. Currently Porter produces swimsuits, dresses, bikini bottoms, skirts, blouses, handbags, bras and headwear.

“I remember starting out with five pieces of swimwear in crotchet,” Porter said. “It was a difficult job because I didn’t have a lot of experience, very little money and I wasn’t sure about the market. But I persevered and that’s the result.”

Porter, who sells items along Gillette Street in Linstead, St. Catherine, was part of the Linstead Grand Market last Friday. She has big dreams for the business.

“Now that I’ve started, I’m very proud of the growth so far that has made me determined to do more,” said Porter. “I see myself opening a business, doing proper marketing, and having people who help take care of my customers.” Porter, who lives in Bog Walk, also in St. Catherine, said THE STAR that it gets its supplies from Kingston.

She is aware of the challenges involved in making the handcrafted items, she explained. She complained about the effort to get the threads and the careful knitting it took to complete each part.

“Every piece takes time to produce. It can take me a day to produce a piece, ”said Porter. “Sometimes you come out of here with 20 pieces and don’t sell. Sometimes the price you asked is higher [for it] is not what the customer is willing to pay, so you have to sell to break even. “

“I sleep with my crotch, I dream with my crotch, so I find it challenging [but] worthwhile with every finished article, “said the self-taught.

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