Seattle woman finds a kilo of cocaine in crochet kit

Police said a Seattle woman “in need of a hobby” discovered a pack of cocaine in a crochet kit she bought from a thrift store over the weekend.

The woman bought the set from a shop in the Greenwood neighborhood on Sunday afternoon to crochet animal hats, the Seattle Police Department confirmed in a statement Monday. The police did not identify the woman.

After opening the set, the woman found, according to the police, a “suspicious heavy object that was covered with yellow rubber”. The article had “a strange smell with 100% written on the outside”.

The woman immediately contacted the police and gave her the mysterious item. The officers later confirmed that the item was one kilogram of cocaine.

Police did not disclose in the statement how the cocaine got into the equipment.

The incident isn’t the only time police have found illegal drugs in thrift stores in the past few days.

Phoenix police said Saturday a family who bought a stuffed toy from a local thrift store found bags containing thousands of pills believed to contain fentanyl in the toy.

The Hill reached out to the Seattle Police Department for additional information.


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