Mastering the art of Al Naqda

There are exciting workshops on the program for the coming days.

There will be a creative interactive Al Naqda art initiative on Saturday that will focus on Al Loziya stitching.

Part of Bahrain’s traditional heritage, Al Naqda highlights a time when women’s clothing was hand embroidered with silver thread using a special needle known as Al Naqda.

Today people apply the same technique to modern product designs such as accessories, handkerchiefs, handkerchiefs and gift bags.

This type of embroidery is also commonly used in clothing, shawls and ‘bukhnaqs’ (headgear), where khoos, thin metal threads available in either gold or silver, are pulled through the fabric with a special needle.

Materials such as tulle, whale cotton and silk chiffon are used and craftswomen thread the strands into geometric shapes, crescent moons, stars and floral motifs.

The workshop provides a basic introduction to Al Naqda tools, how to use Al Naqda Khoos and sewing training.

The event, which runs from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., costs BD10 per person and is open to adults.

A four-day introduction to the crochet workshop begins on Sunday. Crochet is a technique of winding thread with small needles that are in a hook shape known as yarn, and are usually made of wool, silk, or cotton.

The technique is very popular with manual workers because of its usefulness in making beautiful home accessories from tablecloths and bedspreads to doilies and delicate edges.

The versatile technology also produces fashion items such as vests, sweaters, mittens, hats and scarves as well as countless items for babies.

Workshop topics include a brief introduction to crochet types, identifying hooks and thread types, basic crochet stitches, their names and symbols, and reading various design patterns.

Participants will also learn how to hold a crochet hook, basic stitches, and how to tidy up after you sew.

The workshop, which costs 35 BD, is open to everyone aged 10 and over and lasts until January 19, daily from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Hand embroidery is the focus of a three-day workshop that will take place from January 17th to 19th at a price of 30 BD.

Embroidery is an ancient art of decorating fabrics or other materials with a needle and thread or thread.

Using different techniques or stitches, embroidery allows the user to create beautiful embellishments on clothing and give a unique touch to the fabric used.

The beginner-friendly workshop focuses on 10 basic stitches in embroidery and how to apply them to a finished pattern.

The event takes place daily from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. and is open to people aged 18 and over.

Embossing copper is the technique of stamping, punching, folding, or hammering designs into the metal.

Once embossed, the piece can be used as a standalone work of art, fused with other works of art, or even covered.

This fun artistic skill is showcased in a dedicated workshop where participants will be able to immerse themselves in the formidable skill to produce results that come to life in a short amount of time.

The workshop topics include differentiating between the types of copper and their properties, getting to know the different methods of forming and processing copper, getting to know the materials and tools used in copper stamping and, among other things, the practical application of copper stamping.

The program, which is open to anyone aged 18 and over, costs BD28 and runs on January 17th and 18th from 4pm to 7pm.

All events take place at the Al Jasra Handicrafts Center and are organized by the Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities.

Registration is limited to people who have been vaccinated and recovered from Covid-19 and who wear the green sign. Visit to sign up.

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