Local Sports Report – January 7-8, 2022

It was a packed weekend in home sports.



East Central 57, Rushville 36

River Town Classic – First round

South Dearborn 51, Switzerland District 39

  • Reese Willoughby (SD): 19 points
  • Eli Hoffman (SD): 17 points
  • Ryan Willoughby (SD): 10 points
  • Cam Craig (SC): 16 points
  • Bryce Wrightsman (SC): 10 points

Lawrenceburg 74, Rising Sun 54

  • Jackson Bobo (LB): 22 points
  • Logan Rohrer (LB): 19 points
  • Dylan Martin (RS): 15 points
  • Brady Works (RS): 12 points


Ripley County Tournament

Championship: South Ripley 47, Jac-Cen-Del 39

  • Emily Flood (SR): 22 points
  • Rachel Meyer (SR): 10 points

Consolation: Batesville 60, Milan 31

All-tournament team: Emily Flood (SR, MVP), Rachel Meyer (SR), Gracie Gunter (SR), Desiree Sparks (JCD), Annabelle Williams (JCD), Reagan Hughes (JCD), Calley Kaiser (BV), Alyson Peters (BV), Emma Weiler (BV), Audrey Schmidt (Milan).

Oldenburg Academy 37, Shawe Memorial 20



River city classic

Championship: Lawrenceburg 53, Switzerland County 41 – The Lady Tigers win their 6th RTC in a row.

  • Kirsten Cross (LB): 16 points
  • Lizzie Redar (LB): 9 points
  • Natalie Knigga (LB): 8 points
  • Maddie Duvall (SC): 16 points
  • Jessie Duvall (SC): 9 points

Consolation game: Rising Sun 55, South Dearborn 51

  • Jenna Peelman (RS): 18 points
  • Baylee Morris (RS): 14 points
  • Nora Powell (RS): 12 points
  • Kiersten Dixon (SD): 11 points
  • Jillian Bond (SD): 11 points

All-tournament team: Kirsten Cross (LB, MVP), Lizzie Redar (LB), Maddie Duvall (SC), Jessie Duvall (SC), Jenna Peelman (RS), Kiersten Dixon (SD).

East Central 52, Rushville 42 – The Lady Trojans move up to 12-4 overall and 4-0 in EIAC.


River city classic

South Dearborn takes its fifth RTC title in a row. Rising Sun came in second, followed by Switzerland County in third and Lawrenceburg in fourth.


River city classic

Championship: South Dearborn 37, Lawrenceburg 23 – The Knights take their second RTC title in a row and record their 9th championship. The total score of 70 is the lowest score in a championship game, breaking the previous record of 81 a season ago.

  • Reese Willoughby (SD): 15 points
  • Eli Hoffman (SD): 13 points
  • Drew Probst (SD): 9 points
  • Jackson Bobo (LB): 9 points

Consolation: Switzerland District 74, Rising Sun 57

  • Cam Craig (SC): 22 points
  • Canaan Johnson (SC): 17 points
  • Brady Works (RS): 17 points
  • Dylan Martin, Peyton Merica (RS): 10 points each

All tournament team: Reese Willoughby (SD, MVP), Eli Hoffman (SD), Ryan Willoughby (SD), Jackson Bobo (LB), Cam Craig (SC), Brady Works (RS).

Ripley County Tournament

Championship: Jac-Cen-Del 58, Batesville 46

  • Caleb Simon (JCD): 15 points
  • Wyatt Day (JCD): 10 points

South Ripley 60, Milan 39

All-tournament team: Caleb Simon (JCD, MVP), Wyatt Day (JCD), Justin Swinney (JCD), Matt Dickman (JCD), Ryan Wilson (JCD), Cody Mohr (BV), Cade Kaiser (BV), Tom Raver (BV), Nick Schwarte (SR), Kohen Reinear (Milan).

East Central 47, Ross 46 – The Trojans have won six in a row.


IHSWCA Team State Duals

East Central took 3rd place 3-1 that day. Victories were made against Mishawaka, Floyd Central and the Franklin Community. The only loss for the Trojans came to Columbus East.


EIAC meeting

Winner east center:

Girls 200 layer relay (Halle, Hafertepen, MITtermeier, Bruner)

Boys 200 Medley Relay (Weber, Cavins, Krider, H. Strotman “*** EIAC CONFERENCE RECORD !!

Boys 200 Free – Kaden Cummins

Boys 200 IM – Skyler Cavins

Boys 50 Free – Nick Weber

Girl 1 meter diving – Bree Cleary

Boys 100 Fly – Ray Krider

Girls 100 Free – Sam Mittermeier

Boys 100 Free – Nick Weber

Boys 500 Free – Kaden Cummins

Girls 200 Free Relay (Mittermeier, Reany, Bruner, Hall)

Boys 200 Free Relay (Ketchem, Cummins, H. Strotman, Weber) *** EIAC CONFERENCE RECORD !!

Girl 100 Back – Tara Hall

Boys 100 Back – Ray Krider

Girls 100 Breasts – Emily Hafertepen

Boys 100 Breasts – Skyler Cavins

Boys 400 Free Relay (Ketchem, Cummins, Krider, Cavins) *** EIAC CONFERENCE RECORD


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