Learn How to Knit, Crochet and Macramé

Welcome craftsmen! Our club is dedicated to the art of fiber – crocheting, knitting, macrame and more – and offers you patterns with step-by-step instructions and instruction videos. If you’re a newbie, don’t worry: we’ll teach you one stitch at a time! Visit this page every month to see our latest videos and samples.

How to join the GH Stitch Club

Just follow us! Below are free basic tutorials as well as previous projects that include step-by-step video tutorials, samples, and a list of accessories.

To access exclusive projects and download these samples, join GH +, our member association. When you become a member, you not only receive exclusive content, but also access to product tests, offers for members only and a 12-month print subscription for Good household and more. Once you have signed up, follow the instructions sent to your email for GH + registration (including creating a MYLO account) and return to this page for full access.

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