How to Single Crochet – Step-by-Step Guide to Single Crochet Stitch

Learning to crochet can be such a great experience if you understand all the basics. And when we think of the basic steps of crocheting, we think of the single crochet stitch. If you’re new to the craft, you’re in luck: As part of our GH Stitch Club, we show beginners all the basic techniques for knitting and crocheting, including how to crochet individually.

A single crochet is the most basic, and in some cases, the most important step to tackle before starting any project (FYI, we have a number of great options to choose from here) as there are so many ways to get there to edit. You can make baby shoes, a hat, and a scarf using just single crochet stitches. When you’re done, you can continue working with the single crochet on its own or combine it with other stitches, depending on what you’re doing.

note: In the video above we are using two strands of yarn to crochet, but usually you only use one.

How to single crochet

Step 1: Make a loop.

Step 2: Insert your hook into the first loop.

Step 3: Thread over and pull through to form a second loop on your hook.

Step 4: Thread again and pull through the two loops on your hook.

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