How to practice mindfulness through crafts

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When the holiday season ends and we all return to normal, the January blues and the onset of Season Affective Disorder (SAD) can all make us feel a little dejected.

Fortunately, there are many ways that you can keep your mind and hands busy, both of which are important in promoting mindfulness.

We’re big fans of tinkering here at In front Offices and you may already know that crafting has been shown to be positive for the mind and relieve symptoms of stress and anxiety.

Learning a new skill can also increase self-esteem and improve cognitive function; while you can focus on something positive and creative.

If you don’t know where to start, Hobbycraft has looked into some of the top crafts to pick up this year.

Repetitive and rhythmic craft

Knitting and crocheting are activities that promote relaxation through their repetitive and rhythmic movements. Rhythm plays a role in serotonin release, which helps regulate anxiety by increasing happiness and mood, making these activities a fantastic way to reduce stress and achieve calm.

Hobbycraft offers beginner workshops – one for crocheting (€ 25) and one for knitting (€ 25).

If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve put together 17 crochet kits that you can buy from as little as € 3.99, and we’ve also put together a handy knitting feature for beginners.

Here are some of our most popular knitting and crochet kits on the market to indulge in this month.


Mindful organization of your home is an effective way to bring more ease and joy into your physical and mental space.

Experts agree that physical clutter can affect your happiness and lead to “mind clutter”. To help you organize, Hobbycraft has the perfect piece of equipment, a Cricut machine.

The range of Cricut machines, from the Cricut Joy, which is perfect for the novice hobbyist, to the Cricut Maker for the seasoned hobbyist, helps customers create beautiful bespoke labels for categorization.

At the In front, We were especially delighted that our favorite machine – the Cricut Joy – is now selling for just £ 129.99 down from £ 179.99. The craft machine allows you to cut 50+ materials so you can make personalized gifts for loved ones and reorganize your kitchen glasses. Plus, it’s compact and stylish!

Cricut joy


€ 129.99

If you’re not sure how to use Cricut to clean up, check out our simple guide on how to get started one room at a time.

Browse through some of Cricut’s machines below:

Mindful lettering

Mindful lettering uses the art of hand lettering (or brush lettering) as an inspiring meditative practice by writing powerful, positive and thoughtful affirmations or quotes. It’s minimalist in nature in that all you need is paper and a paintbrush or paintbrush.

Hobbycraft offers a Brush script for beginners workshop (£ 25), which introduces basic marking exercises and simple techniques for absolute beginners to learn the craft.

Creative painting

Art is not only a healthy distraction from everyday life, it conveys a sense of achievement and can even increase your self-esteem as your brain releases the feel-good chemical dopamine when engaging in a creative activity such as painting or drawing.

We’ve put together some of the best paint by number kits so you can practice painting without having to decide what to paint.

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