Hobbycraft reveals the 2022 craft trends you need to try

If you want to pursue a new hobby and learn new skills in 2022, you’ve come to the right place.

For everyone who wants to make a resolution for the new year, the craft experts at Hobbycraft have put together the six most important craft trends that you shouldn’t miss in the new year.

The winter months of January and February are perfect for immersing yourself in a new indoor activity. Plus, in the crazy year we all had, the crafting is a great way to keep your little ones off screen or have some quiet time alone away from housework to recharge.

Even if you have no experience, there are simple crafts that will look like you’re going to be upset for days. Also, there are many beginner kits available in the market so that you can try it out first, if you like it.

Here’s what we’re going to try in 2022.

The rise of the Harz Mountains

Hobby crafts

Another growing trend is the use of resin – a medium that is increasingly used by artisans. It starts out as a viscous substance and then hardens into a rigid shape.

This year, Hobbycraft searches for “Resin Crafts” increased 34% compared to 2020 as people searched for this versatile material.

From jewelry making to coasters to the design of housewares, the Hobbycraft Ideas Hub offers many projects to try out. We especially like their How to Make Resin Coasters guide, or you can try one of the following resin kits – including one for making beautiful resin hoop earrings.

Sew it yourself – make and repair it


Hobby crafts

It’s no surprise that sewing will continue to be among the top crafts in 2022, as many Britons are now motivated to sew in order to make, repair and innovate their clothes more sustainably.

Look for “sewing ideas” on Hobbycraft. increased by 68% in 2021 compared to the previous year. . While the retailer’s It’s How to Sew a Cross Back Apron project on the Ideas Hub was also the sixth best post in 2021 with over 30,000 views.

Whether beginner, intermediate or advanced, at In front We have a few guides on:

  • The best sewing machine for kids
  • The best hand sewing machine

    Hobbycraft also offers a range of workshops – including Sewing a Buttonhole (€ 5) and Getting to Know Your Sewing Machine (€ 5), which are perfect for beginners.

    The trend towards personalization

    Hobby craft trends

    Hobby craft trends

    It has never been more popular to take the time to organize your home – from Mrs Hinch to Stacey Solomon to Marie Kondo, the social media stars are fueling the trend towards perfectly staged cupboards in which glasses and containers are clearly labeled.

    The clearing out shows no signs of slowing down in 2022 as searches for “Cricut Joy” increased by 70% in 2021 on Hobbcraft as people looked for this compact and portable machine – which enables consumers to create bespoke signage and labels, and that Better to organize at home.

    • Cricut machines: what you need to know about this digital craft kit

      The Cricut Joy is also one of primate Favorite machines as they can cut 50+ materials so you can easily make personalized gifts and decorations. Plus, it’s compact and stylish!

      It’s also a great machine for beginners to try out before upgrading to the more advanced Cricut maker.

      Check out the latest deals on Cricut machines below:

      The return of handwritten letters

      Hand lettering

      Hobby crafts

      Attention, email. Handwritten letters are making a comeback. In today’s fast-paced, technology-based world, letter writing can seem like an outdated or quirky form of communication, but Hobbycraft predicts that letter writing will revive in 2022 as we all try to communicate much more with friends and family personal note.

      This year Hobbycraft increased searches for “stationery” on its website by 45% compared to the same period in 2020.

      Handwritten notes help build deeper connections with loved ones, increase creativity and self-expression, and are proven to be a stress reliever.

      Similar to exercise, meditation, and even spending time in nature, writing gives us the opportunity to exercise different parts of our physical and mental state.

      Check out our guide:

      • The best calligraphy kits
      • The beginner’s guide to hand lettering

        Mixed media yarn craft

        mixed yarn

        Hobby crafts

        With the advent of knitting and crocheting, manufacturers are starting to mix the yarn crafts into one project.

        Another growing trend in the yard world is “Macraweave,” which combines the craft of the macrame knot with weaving to create eye-catching projects that really stand out with texture and color.

        Embroidery gets even more creative too, with layered fabrics to create intricate scenes and the use of thread painting and various stitch techniques to create texture and depth.

        The crochet effect

        Crochet handmade colorful blanket and some yard bales

        Carol YepesGetty Images

        Thanks to Instagram, YouTube tutorials and celebrities like Tom Daley, who was crocheted in the stands at the Olympics, textile work has slowly but surely threaded its way into the fabric of popular culture.

        What was once known as a local craft is becoming the mainstream hit it always deserves, and searches for “crochet kits” on the Hobbycraft website increased by 27% in 2021.

        To help customers who want to try this craft, Hobbycraft introduced a beginner’s guide to the crochet workshop that will allow you to learn the simple skills required to sew beautiful designs.

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