Gucci Honors Year Of The Tiger With Collection, Campaign, And Pop Up Locations In The U.S. And Canada

Gucci has been a member of the Lion’s Share Fund since February 2020 and is committed to the conservation of natural habitats and the protection of endangered species. Nature, wildlife and their inhabitants are a concern of the 100 year old luxury brand, since 2018 climate-neutral across the entire supply chain. With a real fascination with nature in the creative director Alessandro Michele, the house of Gucci is reviving its tiger motif collection with different interpretations.

In honor of the Chinese zodiac and the year of the tiger, which begins February 1, 2022, Gucci is releasing an 80-piece collection of ready-made articles and accessories for women and men. The Tiger collection is a signature of Michele, who redesigned the design when he arrived at the Gucci House in 2015. The Gucci Tiger is an archive design that was created by the Italian artist and illustrator Vittorio Accorero at the end of the 1960s and also created the house’s characteristic floral design, implemented as a backdrop for the current Tiger collection.

Available today at Gucci Website and shops All over the world, all-over prints in tiger and floral variations cover the majority of ready-to-wear items and an assortment of accessories such as shoes, purses, bags and silk scarves. Items like the reversible bomber jacket, trucker hat, bucket hat, sweat vest, bowling shirt, silk neck bow, silk dress, an embroidered trench coat with motif print lining, watches and wallets are all covered in Gucci tiger and flower prints.

The interlocking G’s, called the rider-like webbing stripes, can be seen in the more humble parts. The Gucci Tiger collection also includes the “Gucci Tiger” lettering in patchwork on jackets, knitwear, shirts and denim, among other things. They also implement the classic maxi monogram in a multi-colored design. Sweatshirts and T-shirts show a diverse representation of the tiger and logo elements. Different pieces from the collection are hand-painted or with handcrafted crochet and embroidery techniques unique patchwork technique.

Gucci has gone one step further with its collection, hosting dedicated pop-ups from January 14th in Canada at Holt Renfrew Yorkdale and on January 17th at Holt Renfrew Vancouver. The Gucci Tiger pop-up shop will appear in the US in the following locations; New York Wooster, Chicago Michigan Ave, Las Vegas Forum Shops, Santa Clara Valley Fair and Manhasset Boutiques. “Pop-in” creativity will support the Lunar New Year and Tiger collections at each location.

Gucci has launched a campaign featuring a tiger attending a brunch hour high tea at a retro luxury hotel as a guest [models] wear items and accessories from the new Gucci Tiger collection. The campaign is the brainchild of Michele as creative director and photographer and director Angelo Pennetta, who directed the campaign film.

Each pop-up shop is inspired by the campaign and the designs of the Tiger collection, creating a forest-like environment. Elements guide shoppers with signage while surrounded by giant LED-lit leaves. A checkered black and white floor pattern spans the room. A matelassé velvet pouf and brass frames and shelves shine with chrome-plated spotlights on tripods.

Gucci offers shopping bags made from responsibly sourced paper sourced from ethically managed forests. The handles are made from 100% recycled polyester – knotted to avoid adhesives – and all straps are made from 100% organic cotton. Brand buyers know that their items are a luxury that will last forever.

Gucci has made an effort to normalize in-store shopping so that it offers an experience that is worth traveling outside. The items in the Gucci Tiger collection will be available as long as supplies last as Gucci continues to support The Lion’s Share Fund and its ongoing commitment.

Check out the Gucci Tiger Collection Campaign below.


Creative Director: Alessandro Michele

Artistic Director: Christopher Simmonds

Photographer and director: Angelo Pennetta

Form: Thomas De Kluyver

Hair: Paul Hanlon

Musical credits

Doris Day with Axel Stordahl & his orchestra

“Tea for two”

Originally published in 1950.

All rights reserved by Columbia Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

(I. Caesar / V. Youmans)

© 1924 Irving Caesar Music Corp. / WC Music Corp.

Courtesy Warner Music Publishing Italy Srl


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