Fun DIY Bookmark Ideas for a Quick Crafting Session

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Given the astounding and sometimes downright terrifying variety of things hidden between the pages of a book, bookmarks are an absolute necessity in the life of readers. Even if you can theoretically deal with dog-ears and cracked book spines, sometimes it’s a reflex to grab the first thing you can put in your hands and slip it between the pages of the book you’re reading to mark your place. You can never have enough bookmarks, they are one of the easiest things to misplace and, for book lovers, as essential to intergalactic travel as towels and the right travel guide. That’s why we’ve curated the best DIY bookmark ideas for you here so you can replenish your stash and have something for every book whim.

The projects we have here are quick and cheap (most are free!) And can serve as the perfect stress reliever crafting session. They would be great, thoughtful, and impromptu gift options for fellow book lovers – and amid the havoc the pandemic has wreaked in our daily lives, your special reading friends deserve an impromptu gift. Many of these DIY bookmark ideas are straightforward and useful upcycling projects for things that you have lying around the house. So let’s dive in. Have fun doing handicrafts!

Origami corner bookmarks

These are super easy to do, and we have the full guide here! These can be transformed into cute forest animals, dragons and unicorns – the possibilities are endless. Take it to the next level by folding these colorful butterfly corner bookmarks from Red Ted Art.

DIY fabric corner bookmarks

I recently started sewing which is super fascinating but also results in piles of scraps of fabric even when the fabric is cut with an explicit focus on reducing waste. Making corner bookmarks is my favorite way to use those tiny pieces of fabric that are too small for masks and hair ties. This is a great project for upcycling weird pieces of fabric that you might have lying around, and figuring out patterns and colors that go together can be great fun. Crafty Staci has a tutorial for you.

DIY embroidered bookmark

Add a touch of whimsy to a fabric bookmark with some embroidered flourishes or cross-stitch artwork. Here are a number of pretty cross stitch patterns from Etsy to get you started. $ 7 for the set of four designs, available as PDF.

Etsy cross stitch bookmark pattern

Pressed flower bookmarks

Keep a bit of nature between the pages of your favorite books by making bookmarks with pressed flowers. We tried it here!

DIY bookmarks made from decoupage cardboard

Recycle pieces of cardboard to make decoupage bookmarks. You can even use old bits of old newspapers and book pages for a unique book look. How cool are these cereal box bird bookmarks! You can find the full tutorial at

With that in mind, here is a great bookmark kit from Etsy that comes with vintage postage stamps that are great for historical travel and adventure stories. The entire set is priced at $ 10.00.

Etsy DIY stamp bookmark set

Cute felt animal bookmarks

Some felt, thread, optional googly eyes, and you can make the cutest reading companions. The little readers in your life will love these. Gluesticks Blog has a tutorial and adorable free samples.

Crochet DIY bookmarks

I love making things and I keep trying new crafts, but knitting and crocheting has always intimidated me. Bookmarks seem like a good place to start. Maybe with this cute cloud bookmark crochet pattern from Etsy that costs $ 3.61. Want more? We’ve curated cute and easy DIY crochet bookmark ideas here and here.

Diy cloud crochet bookmark pattern etsy

Paper clip bookmarks

Take a paper clip and attach a cute piece of jewelry to the top for a quick and easy bookmark. The decoration can be many things – buttons, fabric flowers, felt shapes, beads, ribbons, bows, googly eyes or pompoms, to name just a few. Here is a tutorial from Positively Splendid for inspiration.

DIY wire bookmarks

Using some basic tools, bend the craft wire into interesting shapes to make whimsical wire bookmarks. Here is a video tutorial that will tell you how:

Cool origami bookmarks

I could probably have written this entire post about my favorite origami artist, Jo Nakashima, and show you all of the bookmarks I made based on his designs. But so as not to get carried away, I’ll leave the video tutorial for his origami crane bookmark here. You can see more of his designs on his YouTube channel. He has a playlist for bookmark designs only. If you are new to origami I would suggest that you start with the heart bookmark.

Plus, I couldn’t resist showing you the coolest dragon bookmark I made following a tutorial from Jo Nakashima. Yes, I combined it with a book on my Kindle. The bookmark just fit Perfect with The Simoquin Prophecies, the funniest book by Samit Basu showing dragons and other amazing creatures, and I don’t own a physical copy.

Origami dragon bookmarks

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