Easy Crochet Pattern For Shawl With Pockets

Have you tried your hand at crocheting yet? It’s a fun and creative hobby that requires few supplies — and it can even improve your mental health. As the summer season draws to a close, now is the perfect time to start a cozy project.

In the Etsy shop KnotYourselfOut we found a simple crochet pattern that is ideal for this time of year: a boho-style scarf with pockets and fringes.

You read that right – it’s a scarf with pockets!

The stylish wrap looks like a complicated project, but it consists of just two basic stitches: the half double crochet and a version of the double crochet. These are two of the most common crochet stitches and they are easy to learn.

Etsy | KnotYourselfOut

The pattern gives step-by-step instructions on how to make the stitches. From there, making this shawl is just a matter of working back and forth in rows.

The pockets are crocheted separately and then attached to the finished shawl with a series of whip stitches.

For $6 you get a PDF of the pattern that includes instructions and photos to provide clear guidance on sewing the stitches and making the cool fringes that dangle from either end of the shawl.

The finished product measures 70 inches long (including fringes) and 18.5 inches wide.

Etsy | KnotYourselfOut

As for the yarn, Etsy seller Sonja Hood recommends using a medium weight (level 4) yarn. To create the scarf pictured, she suggests Lion Brand’s Heartland line in Grand Canyon colourway.

You will need four balls of yarn to complete this project. The pattern will give you crochet hook size recommendations, but your choice of hook may depend on how tight you want your stitches to be.

One Etsy reviewer, kcp8705, loved the pattern but had a recommendation for fellow crocheters.

“Just a note, if your tension is more relaxed I recommend going down a hook size. I went down to 8mm (size L) and seemed to be just right and also bought an extra ball of yarn.”

So, grab some thread and a needle and you’ve sewn this versatile shawl just in time for the chilly fall weather!

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