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Fall is time for layers; cute crochet project to show off style and finesse


A crochet top can add oomph to any layered outfit.

As the leaves turn and the season rolls into fall, layering is an iconic fashion trend. A perfect layering companion, this crochet top is a fun pop of color this fall. It’s a fun edition to rock at any occasion.

The project took about 4 hours from start to finish, but it could easily be done quicker, especially if you’re not as distracted as I am. So let’s have fun and crochet.

Crochet Level: Intermediate


  • Two different bundles of yarn (I used two different pinks)
  • 5.0mm crochet hook
  • Crochet marker (if you don’t have one, a bobby pin or safety pin will do)
  • scissors
  • crochet hook

STEP 1: Bralette cups

  • Crochet 15 chain stitches with the yarn (color 1).
  • Put a crochet mark on the 15th chain stitch to mark its position.
  • Chain two and double crochet into the penultimate stitch (or the 14th chain stitch).
  • Crochet the remaining 14 stitches.
  • ROW 1: Crochet two chain stitches and double crochet stitches in the penultimate stitch (or the 2nd stitch).
  • Crochet all stitches up to the crochet marker.
  • Take out the crochet marker and work three double crochets at the top of the 15th stitch (where the marker was) and place the marker on the second (or middle) stitch.
  • Continue on the other side of the yarn with 14 double crochets to finish the first row.
  • ROW 2: Repeat two chain stitches and double crochets to the marker.
  • Insert three double crochets where the marker is and continue to work double crochets on the other side.
  • ROW 3-5 Repeat for three more rows.
  • This should give you a total of five rows forming the cup of the bralette.
  • Cut the yarn about 4 inches and sew the end with your crochet hook.
  • Repeat this to create the second cup of the bra!

STEP 2: torso and waist

  • ROW 1: chain 10
  • After chaining 10 stitches, crochet the yarn into the bottom corner of a bralette cup.
  • A total of 24 single crochets along the bottom of the bralette cup.
  • chain five.
  • Crochet the yarn firmly into the bottom corner of the other bralette cup.
  • A total of 24 single crochets along the bottom of the bralette cup.
  • chain 10
  • ROW 2: Chain 4 and single crochet into the third stitch (aka skip two from the end of chain 10).
  • Crochet two chain stitches and insert a double crochet after skipping two stitches.
  • The pattern should work: crochet double crochets, two chain stitches, skip two stitches and repeat.
  • ROW 3-6: Repeat until you have six rows (or more if you want more coverage).
  • Cut the thread with about 4 inches left and sew the end in place with your crochet hook.

STEP 3: straps and details

  • Slip stitch the yarn (color two) starting at the corner of the bralette cup and waist.
  • After 12 stitches you should be in the middle of the bralette cup. Sew the yarn carefully in the middle of the cup and back again. This creates an outline and a pop or color.
  • Continue slip stitches along the first row from the waist and repeat on the second bralette cup.
  • Cut with scissors and use your crochet hook to sew the end.
  • Slip stitch color two along the outside of one of the bralette cups, starting at the corner of the cup and waist area and ending at the top of the cup.
  • From this point chain 75 to form the neck strap.
  • Repeat slip stitch with color two on the other side of the cup and join the color at the top of the bralette cup.
  • Repeat for the other bralette cup.

STEP 4: Corset laced at back

  • Chain 150 (or more depending on comfort).
  • Cut the yarn and sew in the ends with the crochet hook.
  • Take your bralette shirt and flip it onto your back. Use the yarn you just chained to thread into the top corner of one side of the shirt (row 1 of the body and waist). Use the other side to do the same.
  • Take each end and cross the yarn to form an X, then thread the yarn through the bottom of the sides and tie (row 6 from body and waist).

STEP 5: Style!

  • I like to wear such clothes with long sleeves under the shirt or big fun jackets. Have fun and be creative with how you want to wear your shirt, after all you made it. Why not show?

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