Crochet Trend 2021: How To Bring the Retro Style Into Your Life This Spring

When you’re ready to say goodbye to your terry cottons, it’s time to start the spring crochet trend. It cannot be denied that the meaning of “dressing” has taken a powerful turn for many over the past year and you may be eager to freshen up your wardrobe with bright colors, playful textures, and experimental prints that are undoubtedly sure to delight you feel something. The color matching with our croissants was fun, but who couldn’t use a touch of maximalism now? Blame Dior, Gabriela Hearst or Valentino for the resurgence of retro design tech – or Parsons student, style icon and second daughter, Ella Emhoff, who posts crocheted creations on her Instagram for the world to see.

From plaid bikinis to rainbow pants to adorable handbags, the Gen Z Brooklynite offers tons of crochet inspiration to share. And we’d be lying if we said Emhoff’s designs weren’t an instant mood lift in our feeds (same goes for the enchanted Miu Miu jacket she wore to the inauguration of Joe Biden and stepmother Kamala Harris).

With so much heaviness in the world, but also a lot of optimism for the future, it is the perfect moment to immerse yourself in colorful, unusual styles for which the textile is suitable. Buy 15 crocheted trend pieces from flashy to reserved that fit perfectly into sunnier days.

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