Crochet Patterns For Pasta Are Adorable

When you think of crocheting, you might think of warm blankets, ear warmers or fashionable scarves. The practical side of the art of crocheting attracts many people to reaching for hooks and thread for the first time. But there has also been a fun trend lately where crochet workers are using their craft to recreate some popular foods. Did you see the taco blanket that looks good enough to eat?

Now a yarn artist has mastered a culinary collection of crochet projects that any chef would love to showcase in the kitchen. Nicknamed the Copacet Crocheter on her own website, Instagram and Etsy, Normalynn Ablao has created patterns for a pasta party that are high in fiber but low in carbs!

“Enjoy eating over and over again without gaining a single calorie,” Ablao shared on her Etsy page, which features sewn dishes like lasagna and spaghetti.

Etsy | CopessigCrocheter

This lovely layered lasagna pattern can be stacked as a complete Italian classic. But it can also be divided into layers and used as a drink coaster. For just $ 3.50, you can order the beginners downloadable pattern as a PDF.

If you prefer to twirl your pasta, how about a crochet hook to crochet this spaghetti party pattern. It is a crochet pattern for beginners, according to the description. You can get the detailed instructions in a downloadable PDF file for just $ 3.50.

Etsy | CopessigCrocheter

But what if you like different shapes of pasta? You can have the ultimate pasta party crochet collection thanks to Copacet Crocheter. This pasta-shaped pattern buffet includes farfalle (fly noodles), fettuccine, penne lisce (smooth), penne rigate (furrowed), ravioli and tortellini.

Etsy | CopessigCrocheter

The downloadable PDF pattern for all six pasta shapes costs just $ 6.50 and is suitable for beginners to crochet.

Each pattern is written out with clear instructions and includes a full list of the materials required (including thread type, hook size, etc.). All you have to do is go to your local craft store and get what you need or dig out your crochet supplies from the back of the closet.

Ablao also offers free patterns on their website for more fun crocheting, including cakes, cupcakes, ice cream sandwiches, and other desserts.


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