Best Learn-To-Knit (and Crochet) Kits for Beginners –

When you are ready to discover the relaxing, even therapeutic, processes of knitting and crocheting, we recommend that you take a pre-assembled set with you. These contain basic materials as well as instructions for beginners, and generally contain pretty interesting patterns for simple projects. While these kits can be a bit expensive, they’re a great option for the novice knitter who isn’t sure what type of accessories to buy – and frankly, needle shopping can be overwhelming! Find your stop with our tips below.

1. Learn to crochet Susan Bates! Kit

This is a simple learning kit that contains everything you need to start crocheting right away. It comes with needles, crochet hooks, scissors, and a strand of thread – high quality starter tools that are very easy to practice with. The instructions in the supplied booklet are easy to follow and contain clear pictures and steps for both right and left handers. Descriptive but not too detailed, the information presented will not overwhelm newbies.

Susan Bates learn to crochet! Kit

$ 14.99

2. Boye yarn knitting for beginners kit

This kit provides you with a comprehensive set of basics to start your knitting journey. It comes with complete and easy-to-follow instructions to create nine projects, including scarves, a hat, and cute collecting baskets. You also get two pairs of knitting needles, a thread needle, and a tape measure. While this isn’t the most complete set – you may have to buy your own yarn and different size needles for some projects – it provides a great introduction to simple knitting patterns that you can easily customize and build on.

Boye yarn knitting for beginners kit

$ 14.99

3. Galt Toys First Knitting Arts & Craft

Designed with the young knitter in mind, this comprehensive kit guides users on fun knitting projects, including a knit bag and scarf with pompoms. The instructions are best used under adult supervision as they are not very clear, although they are broken down step by step. However, the tools are pleasant for young hands and the attractive creations offer a great introduction to this practice-oriented, stimulating craft.

Galt Toys First Knitting Arts & Craft

$ 18.50

4. Stitch Happy Knitting Starter Kit

If you are mainly in the accessories market and prefer to learn to knit by watching YouTube videos for example, we recommend this set of high quality knitting utensils. It comes with three sets of knitting needles, a needle measure, a stitch holder, scissors, and more – and everything fits into a structured bag with all of the pockets you need to keep things tidy. It’s a perfectly useful, portable, and economical kit for anyone just starting out with knitting who hasn’t developed a preference for individual tools.

Stitch Happy Knitting Starter Kit

$ 39.99

5. Boye beginners teach themselves to knit kit

This is a valuable beginner’s kit that contains all of the information you need to learn how to knit yourself. Instructions are provided with simple illustrations, and although the patterns can be a little tricky to decipher, Boye also provides a DVD with an instructor guiding you through the techniques. In addition to instructions for 18 projects, it contains tools such as sturdy needles in two sizes, tapestry thread needles, a knitting gauge and a stitch holder.

Boye beginners teach themselves a knitting set

$ 11.94

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