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Find your creative zone by crocheting fun clothes, plush toys, dolls and more. All you need to crochet is a crochet hook and yarn; it’s inexpensive and portable. Pattern and stitch books ensure success and provide orientation when selecting and using crochet hooks and threads. Also, the rhythmic nature of crocheting can reduce stress and keep your fingers nimble and quick. Finished crochet projects make great gifts too!

1. Modern crochet: patterns and designs for the minimalist maker

Teresa Carter’s fresh contemporary patterns resonate with many, from beginners to advanced crochet artists. The book is beautiful and printed on heavy paper, with beautifully styled photos and a ribbon bookmark. The book covers the basics, including choosing yarn and crochet hooks. Basic stitches and techniques such as standing stitches, connected rounds, chain stitches, slip knots and pompom stitches are presented. Teresa Carter’s patterns are a breeze, with clear, line-by-line written instructions, step-by-step photos, and reference tables. Most can be completed quickly. Online resources, including video tutorials and a digital resource library, are available with the purchase of this book. Finished garments are eye-catching and stylish.

Modern crochet: patterns and designs for the …

$ 18.99

2. Crochet cute animals: 26 easy amigurumi patterns

Do you want to make adorable cuddly toys? This book features beginner friendly cute animal patterns from A to Z created in the style of amigurumi, the Japanese art of crocheting toys. The animal patterns are super cute and include favorites like cat, dog, monkey, fox, and unicorn. The first section of the book covers tools and accessories and includes step-by-step written instructions and photos for basic stitches and shapes. The materials are perfect for beginners as they are readily available standard tools: an H crochet hook and worsted yarn. Tips on filling, constructing, and adding embellishments ensure that every creature is very special. Finished animals are cuddly and larger than most amigurumi.

Crochet cute animals: 26 easy amigurumi patterns

$ 7.69

3. Crochet A to Z: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners to Intermediate

This book contains everything you need to learn or teach crochet. An introduction to materials and basic to advanced skills, stitches and patterns are covered in depth. Designs include written instructions for right- and left-handed crochet, and step-by-step photos showing hands holding the crochet hook and thread. This book has a plethora of stitches: loop stitches, popcorn, seashells, chevrons, and tube crochet. Magic ring stitches include variations of shapes: circles, squares, hexagons, etc. Anything to do with bling, additional details, and finishes completes the book. Tips for fixing bugs, shaping clothes, and building up are scattered all over the place.

Crochet A to Z: The Ultimate Guide to …

$ 17.09

4. Kawaii Crochet: 40 super cute crochet patterns for adorable amigurumi

A rainbow of adorable amigurumi food patterns occupy the pages of this stunning book. Choose from 40 patterns with kawaii (Japanese for “sweet”) dishes and items, sorted by color. The introduction covers tools, materials, and color theory; Materials are kept simple and easy to obtain. The skill levels for each pattern are marked with a kawaii cloud face: Beginner, Easy, Intermediate. Kawaii smiling faces are created with beads and stitches. The food is so cute! Petite, they lie comfortably in the hand. Includes apple, ice cream cone, pencil, popcorn, beet, carrot cake and corn dog. These make great gifts! Children (and adults!) Will ask for more. Your crochet cravings will be satisfied with these fun kawaii crochet foods.

Kawaii Crochet: 40 super cute crochet patterns …

$ 20.69

5. The Complete Book of Crochet Stitch Designs: 500 Classic and Original Patterns

Crochet artists will never put this comprehensive reference work on the shelf; it will always be open to your current trick or skill. The book contains 500 traditional and original crochet patterns. Ideal for visual learners, each design features photography, comprehensive step-by-step instructions, illustrations of hands and thread at each step, and diagrams showing each stitch and its placement. The patterns build on each other; introductory stitches and patterns begin the book and continue to the end. The index includes thumbnail photos of each stitch, but unfortunately stitch names are not included throughout the book.

The Complete Book of Crochet Stitch Designs: 500 …

$ 17.99

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