Animal Crossing Fan’s Crocheted Gyroids Look Real Enough To Sing

An Animal Crossing: New Horizons player put their crafting skills to the test by crocheting several of the game’s newly-introduced Gyroids.

A talented Animal Crossing: New Horizons fan has crocheted incredibly realistic versions of some of the game’s new Gyroids. Introduced to New Horizons during its recent 2.0 update, Gyroids have been featured in all Animal Crossing titles, and are furniture items that dance to a rhythm, with each Gyroid producing a special tune for players to enjoy. While in previous Animal Crossing titles Gyroids had a more uniform design, New Horizons has overhauled them, offering a variety of uniquely shaped and differently-colored gyroids for players to discover.

Animal Crossing received its 2.0 update in early November, providing its players with a large content release that also marked the end of the game’s free updates. Highly-requested characters were finally added to the game, including Kapp’n, and Brewster, along with his café, The Roost. The 2.0 update brought over 9,000 new items to Animal Crossing, according to a recent datamine, and also introduced new features such as cooking, farming, and added a shopping plaza to Harv’s Island. Gyroids can be grown underground from fragments or dug up after rainfall, and are one of the fan-favorite new additions included with the substantial game update.


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Reddit user nonsequiturnip recently shared some pictures of their incredible Animal Crossing creations, in which they brought some of the game’s Gyroids to life with the help of some thread, a crochet hook, and some serious skill. The Redditor has crocheted four Gyroids thus far, an Arfoid, Squeakoid, Thwopoid, and a Whistloid, with a Clatteroid currently in the works. Not only do the creations look incredibly close to their in-game counterparts, what’s perhaps even more impressive is that nonsequiturnip only took up crocheting as a quarantine hobby in January of this year, and managed to create their own pattern for the crafts. More from the creator, including a Froggy Chair and Pokémon crotchets, can be found on their Instagram: sunnyg_stitches.

Animal Crossing Gyroid Crochet

Animal Crossing Gyroid Crochet

See the post on Reddit here.

Although the game has previously collaborated with Build-A-Bear to bring some of the game’s characters to life, some fans were left disappointed with its offerings. More creatively-inclined fans turned to doing some DIY outside of the game, by crocheting their favorite New Horizons villagers. Many Redditors were impressed with nonsequiturnip’s work, and chimed in to ask for a crochet pattern, hoping to create an adorable Gyroid of their own.

Thanks to Animal Crossing‘s 2.0 update, fans now have even more inspiration for their creative endeavors both in-game and in real life. nonsequiturnip’s excellent recreation of Animal Crossing: New Horizons‘adorable new Gyroids will no doubt be an inspiration to those looking for a new project, or those looking to learn to crochet. While not every fan is as talented with crochet hooks as nonsequiturnip, other players have utilized the musical items by creating lo-fi beats with Animal Crossing‘s gyroids.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available on Nintendo Switch.

Source: nonsequiturnip / Reddit

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