Animal Crossing Fans Are Crocheting Their Favorite Villagers

Animal Crossing players create adorable crocheted versions of their favorite villagers like Celeste, Lily, and a new twist on Sherb.

Several Animal Crossing: New Horizons Players have made adorable crocheted versions of their favorite villagers with lots of detail and shared them online for other fans. Deer crossing‘s community is full of creativity, with players designing in-game clothing or turning their deserted islands into breathtaking hideaways. However, this creativity can spill over into real life as well.

It is clear why Deer crossing Craftsmen want to crochet villagers like marshal, merengue or the aptly named patchwork cub stitches. Villagers who are popular with fans can make great plush toys because of their cute designs. During Build-A-Bear’s Deer crossing Collection left some fans disappointed, independent crocheters and curious hobbyists have taken up the coat. Lots of creative fans of Deer crossing got to work, sharing samples, sewing and proudly showing off their work online.


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Deer crossing Fans of craftycastalia, jenlikesrocks, and harrybenney headed to Reddit to share their crochet villagers. They received positive feedback, with each post receiving over 2,000 positive votes and hundreds of comments from impressed Deer crossing Player. Craftycastalia crocheted a goat villager inspired by Black Phillip, the demonic antagonist from the 2015 horror movie, The witch. This deliciously diabolical villager made of a sherb pattern comes complete with a pentagram sweater. Meanwhile, jenlikesrocks has made an adorable Celeste. The star owl has a felt belly made of pink and white squares, which gives it a very nice touch. Finally, Harrybenney crocheted the frog villager Lily. Everything from her rosy cheeks to the pineapples on her tropical muumuu has been sewn together with great attention to detail.

While many Deer crossing Gamers would no doubt want to get their hands on these unique creations, unfortunately some of them have already found good homes and are not for sale. Deer crossing has often gone into the real world with collaborations. The Build-A-Bear crossover was a success, as was the ColourPop makeup and Uniqlo. An upcoming collaboration with PUMA, in which a new line of sneakers will be presented, is sure to be a hit for Deer crossing Fans.

These healthy creations are a joy to see. The embroidery in each of these crocheted villagers is impressive. This or the real-life Ironwood Dresser can inspire other players to create something of their own, be it fan art or a complete makeover of their island. Creative players are the reason for this Animal Crossing: New Horizons continues to be popular, although it has been in the market for more than a year and there have been no significant updates recently. Until then, there is no shortage of artistic expression from the community.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available on Nintendo Switch.

Source: craftycastalia / Reddit, jenlikesrocks / Reddit, harrybenney / Reddit

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