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The new year is here and that means New Year’s resolutions. If you’re looking to learn something new or start a new hobby, crocheting might just be for you.

Crochet is a yarn craft that involves only one hook. This hook has a unique design with another small hook attached at the top for looping threads to create projects.

One of the biggest misconceptions about crochet is that it is the same as knitting.

Two needles are used in knitting, while only one needle is used in crochet. The stitches in a crochet project also look different than in a knitted piece. Knitting can make better hats and sweaters, but it’s very difficult to knit a toy, so crocheting benefits. The same goes for knitting, where some projects are easier to create, so it’s the artist’s preference which one suits them better. If you may be struggling to decide which yarn craft to start with, crochet is easier to grasp. But if you’re looking for a bigger challenge, you can learn both.

To dig deeper into the mechanics of crocheting, the two most important materials needed for any project are a needle and a ball of yarn. Both are available in many different sizes. There can be jumbo sizes and micro sizes. The size of the hook also correlates to the size of the yarn. For example, if you have medium yarn, the pattern calls for a 5mm hook, which counts as a medium hook. Hook and yarn can also be made of different materials and textures. Yarn can be thin and soft or extremely fluffy. Crochet hooks can be made of aluminum, steel, plastic or wood.

There are many other very important materials needed for many crochet projects such as stitch markers, needles and scissors. When crocheting “in one round” you crochet in a circle that has no end. Stitch markers are placed in the project to mark the first stitch of each round so you know where to stop. These can be crucial when crocheting toys.

Crocheted toys, like these fluffy bees and cows (as seen on TikTok), are called “amigurumi.” This simply means “crocheted toy” in Japanese. Crocheting a toy can sometimes have different approaches to stitches than creating other things like scarves and hats. It’s a bit harder to make a small toy than a big sweater.

Most projects start with a “slipknot,” a simple knot with a small loop. Other projects, like toys, often start with a “magic circle” or “magic ring”. This is a bit more complicated than a slipknot and takes a lot of practice. A magic circle is more of an “open loop” than a closed loop with a knot at the bottom.

Even though crocheting is a wonderful hobby, there are some consequences that come with it. Depending on how you position the crochet hook in or on your fingers, it can cause inflamed bumps on your skin. These bumps will most likely remain on your fingers permanently. Aluminum hooks primarily cause calluses and skin irritation. Crochet even requires a properly positioned wrist. You can develop carpal tunnel syndrome or a repetitive strain injury if your wrist isn’t in the right place.

Despite the problems that can arise when crocheting, there are many different ways to hold the crochet hook and yarn that won’t hurt your hands. They may also wear braces and special tools that attach to hooks to prevent injury.

Unlike other intense extracurricular activities, this craft can be very relaxing and stress relieving. It doesn’t take much thought, just practice. When you start mastering most stitches, crocheting becomes an obsession. It can be extremely addicting when you feel the urge to do certain projects.

Crocheting is also a great way to get SSL lessons. Many SSL options Given by the county, students require them to make a blanket or toy(s) for children in hospitals. You can get up to 35 hours for one blanket. It can also be a great way to learn how to crochet faster and finish projects by their due dates as organizations have strict deadlines.

As a beginner, some of the easiest projects include washcloths, scarves, and coasters. If you become familiar with the stitches and techniques of crocheting, you can make things like bags, granny squares or flowers.

Video demonstrations are much easier than hand patterns, but not all projects have a video alongside them. Each stitch has a specific name and abbreviation in both crochet patterns and videos. Patterns can be a little confusing to read, but are very easy to understand with just a little practice.

If you are thinking of starting your crochet journey, there are many Youtube channels that give very detailed explanations of each stitch you need to create a project. Some of the best are beautiful coconut and Naztazia.

Have fun crocheting!

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