59 Best Gifts for Kids 2021

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The ultimate gifts for children

There is no one-size-fits-all strategy when shopping for gifts for children. Not only is every little person unique in terms of their interests and preferences, toy trends also change rapidly from year to year. Therefore Reader’s Digest spent time researching trends and pondering the best toy summaries to give you a curated list that every kid should put on your list.

From STEAM-approved kits on topics such as volcanic eruptions, food science and programming to the latest sold out Barbie, Hot Wheels and LOL deals – and even the season’s most coveted new toys, these gift ideas could be running Santa Claus for his money. And if you’re looking for gifts for teenagers, gifts for tween boys, gifts for toddlers and gifts for boys, we have these lists too.

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Magic Mixies Magic Cauldron Via Amazon.com

Via Amazon.com

Magic Mixies magic cauldron

Every year there is a toy that sells out long before Black Friday, and parents try to find one for as much as double or triple the retail price on eBay. As measured by all of the top toy lists of 2021, including those from Amazon, Walmart, Target, and TTPM, it will likely be. The Magic Mixies Magic Cauldron from Moose Toys enables children to create a magical mist which, after a little hocus-pocus, reveals a “Mixie”. Your kids will love all the sounds and reactions their new furry friend and cauldron make. Our advice? If you find one in stock, buy it now. While you’re at it, get yourself one of these top hosiery for kids.

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