45 DIY Christmas Garland Ideas

Christmas garland is one of the most versatile Christmas decorations there is. It looks great when wrapped around the Christmas tree, instantly turns the mantle into an eye catcher, brings joy to your stairs, makes your home festive and even improves the attractiveness of the curb when it comes to your lamppost or the pillars on your porch is wrapped.

The problem: Garlands bought in the store can be expensive and disappointing (read: sparse and plastic) at the same time. The solution: make your own Christmas garland. If you do your own tinkering, you can create something aesthetically pleasing for less money – not to mention the possibilities are limitless.

Try paper lanterns or Christmas lights, felt words and phrases, rhinestone-covered popsicle stick snowflakes, or even red ribbons or balloon arches. You can even use living greens like eucalyptus, periwinkle, poinsettia, or laurel to make table runners, chandelier decor, and gilded garlands. And if you have the sewing know-how, you can make mini felt figures from the nutcracker or a series of stockings that also serve as a unique Advent calendar.

Homemade garlands have an added bonus: most of them last from year to year and become family heirlooms. Some of these options – like the “Cheers” sequin banner – can even be used at parties and weddings year round.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your craft supplies and a mug of hot cocoa and get to work creating these festive DIY Christmas garlands.

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