20 Best Gifts for Knitters

Nobody understands the beauty of knitting as well as she does. And while you can appreciate her passion (especially if it turns into your new favorite sweater or blanket), finding the perfect gift for the knitter in your life is difficult because she knows her craft like no one else. Start with these one-of-a-kind knitter gifts that feature world-class finds that even the most advanced knitters and crocheters don’t have (even the professional who says they have it all). Whichever gift you choose, this mix of novelty and luxury ideas – from personalized knitting needles to best-selling knitting items that ease the strain and stiffness after hours of sewing – will make your next crafting afternoon the best ever.

Since knitting and crocheting often overlap, you can’t go wrong with these picks even if you’re not entirely sure which stitches you are throwing. Everyone celebrates the joy of knitting and crocheting, some even make the process less stressful (LED light knitting needles) and more stressful (stitch stopper). This means that they can concentrate on the essentials: the blanket, scarf or sweater that they are currently working on.


Combine it with a ball of yarn

Couch Arm Knitting Caddy

Unusual goods

$ 35.00

If the couch is your designated knitting area, this reversible caddy is practical. She can drape it over the armrest of any sofa, accent chair, or couch to organize all of her needs, threads, and accessories.


Cheap way to develop your interests

Knitting keychain

With this silver key ring, she always has her latest knitting creation in view, wherever she goes. As it is said, “in the rhythm of the needles there is music for the soul”.


Something funny that makes you laugh

Ready knitted cup


$ 18.95

Though punny, the message on this is 11 or 15 oz. Mug can inspire her to sew another row or even knit the chunky blanket she put on.

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Even if she says she has it all …

Engraved bamboo knitting needles


$ 18.00

Make sure she doesn’t confuse her knitting needles with anyone else’s by gifting her with a bamboo set of size 10 needles engraved with her name, initials, or a phrase she would just appreciate. Or choose a few different options so she can customize her needles to suit her mood.


Great for crocheters too

Rechargeable neck book light

Smaller stitches can cause the knitter in your life to squint and strain – until she puts that handy light around her neck. Choose between nine brightness modes to better recognize even the smallest stitches. (And yes, she can use it for reading and writing too.)


Must-have for beginners

Portable knitted bag


$ 19.99

Knitted boxes are pretty, but not exactly practical. This storage bag, on the other hand, is ideal for travel, has plenty of pockets and prevents wool from getting tangled.


Natural cork stitch stopper


$ 15.00

Anyone who knits regularly knows the heartache that follows when a row of stitches has jumped off the needle. These custom-made cork stitch stoppers, which fit a variety of needle sizes, keep everything in place.


A new gift that she will cherish

Bring me my yarn socks


$ 17.39

When she puts these socks on, everyone in her house will know what she’s up to. Warn everyone to keep a skein handy just in case.


LED knitting needles

Yarn life

When working with dark yarn, she can turn on these LED knitting needles to see her stitches clearly. Choose between two different four-piece sets – one in sizes 7 to 10 and one in sizes 10 to 13.


A luxury for advanced knitters

Knitting and crochet ring

Even a professional knitter could use a helping hand – uh, fingers – at times. Enter this brass or copper ring that will protect your fingers from blistering and burns while you are making loop knitting.


Knit travel bag

Unusual goods

$ 35.00

Since she has mastered the basics, she can sew almost anywhere, especially with this knitted bag on her arm. It’s the perfect size to hold three skeins of yarn, spare needles, and other supplies.


Knitting stitch counter

Larger knitting projects tend to put their counting skills to the test. This tiny counter, which you can easily wrap around your neck, does the hard work for you so you don’t lose track of things.


Personalized leather labels

The next time she’s making a sweater or scarf for a loved one, she can finish it off with a leather tag to give it an official look. Just put in her name so it reads “Knitting From” [insert name here]. ”


Knitting personalized stationery


$ 12.82

For her, knitting is not a hobby; It’s a way of life. This colorful stationery set, which comes with 10 folding cards and matching envelopes, reminds everyone that this is exactly what she is writing.


Personalized thread bowl

Unusual goods

$ 60.00

This beautiful earthenware bowl is more personal than simple knitted bags and has your first name engraved on it. Choose from four gorgeous glaze colors including rust, blue (above), tan, and green.


The Hook Nook Yarn Passport


$ 25.00

Your knitted creations often end up in strange hands. This is why this diary is a must: Inside, she can document all her hard work with pictures, yarn samples and sewing patterns.


Knit ‘All Day and Night’ Spinner Pin


$ 13.35

Give her this adorable pin as a small stocking-sized gift that serves as a reminder of something she knows all too well – she knits around the clock, 365 days a year.


Arthritis gloves

Dr. Frederick’s original

To relieve stiffness and pain after hours of sewing, she can put on a pair of these compression gloves that support her thumbs, fingers, wrists, and ankles. Stricker swear by it: β€œIt’s nice to be able to continue the craft that I enjoy. When I take off my gloves, the relief lasts for a while. “


Month after month gift subscription

Yarn YAY!

$ 35.00

Just when she thinks she’s seen it all, Yarn YAY! surprises and delights you with a monthly box full of hand-dyed yarns, new patterns and two special items. Sign up for them month-to-month, or opt for a three-, six-, or twelve-month subscription.


Blanket knitting set

We are knitters

$ 63.00

Blankets are usually a good place to start, but this kit from We Are Knitters will teach her how to incorporate intricate designs into her work. You can even customize the two colors of the pima cotton to best suit your space.

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