10,000 poppies needed for Remembrance Day project in Cambridge

A new collaborative venture hopes people who knit and crochet will make poppies for a special commemoration in the fall of 2021.

The Cambridge Poppy Project plans to display 10,000 poppies outside the Cambridge Ideas Fairs this November. Jayne Herring, the project coordinator, was inspired by a similar exhibit she discovered in Niagara Falls last year, and she wanted to expand it to Cambridge and hopefully the Waterloo area.

“We will be using the traditional red and black poppy flowers. We have our poppy pattern for knitting and crocheting on our website,” said Herring.

“We partnered with Cambridge Fibers and they supply us with lots of red wool … which the Idea Exchange staff will pack in kits. And the kits will be available for community members to pick up. You can make multiple poppies with each kit. “

The knitted / crocheted poppies are connected with nets and exhibited in three buildings of the ideas exchange in Cambridge. This photo, captured by Jayne Herring, shows an exhibition in Niagara Falls that inspired her to start the project in Cambridge. (www.cambridgepoppyproject.ca)

Herring says people who can’t knit or crochet also offered quilts, fiber art, and stained glass for the project. She says the work will be exhibited in various galleries across the city.

The morning edition – KW5:19The Cambridge Poppy Project collects 10,000 knitted and crocheted poppies

The Cambridge Poppy Project hopes to collect 10,000 poppies for an exhibition in the Ideas Exchange buildings next November. They hope you will help. Jayne Herring, the project coordinator of the Cambridge Poppy Project, tells the Morning Edition with Craig Norris what inspired her to this project. 5:19

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