10 things that will help you make it through a month of no alcohol

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Dry January has become a popular way to start the new year. It allows you to reevaluate your relationship with alcohol and recover from excessive drinking over the holidays – all while feeling incredibly refreshed with a few extra dollars saved.

If spending the month without a drink in hand sounds like a daunting task, you are not alone in it. A Morning Consult survey of 2,200 American adults found that 13 percent of the population planned to give up alcohol last January, with most respondents citing improved health as their motivation. To help you lead your sober and curious life, we’ve found 11 great products to help you get through the dry January.

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1. Alcohol-free spirits

Seedlip and Monday Zero Alcohol Gin.

One way to feel like you’re not missing out is to grab some non-alcoholic liquors that taste like the real thing but don’t contain alcohol. Make your favorite mocktails with the popular Monday Zero Alcohol Gin or, if you feel like it, with Seedlip Spice 94, a fragrant and aromatic non-alcoholic spirit made from allspice, cardamom, oak, grapefruit, lemon and cascarilla. It is sugar-free and calorie-free and is suitable for both sweet and savory drinks, from espresso martinis to Caesars.

“My husband and I stopped drinking, but missed the festive feel of a cocktail when we were on vacation,” described a reviewer from Seedlip. “Of all the alcohol substitutes we’ve tried, this is our favorite. It adds something interesting and gin-like to your drink. “

2. Brita water bottle

Brita water bottle.

The easiest (and healthiest) drink to swap out your alcohol for is water. To do this, you need our experts’ favorite water bottle, the self-filtering Brita bottle. As the name suggests, the drinking bottle filters your H2O when you swallow it and, as it is made of durable stainless steel, keeps your drinks ice-cold for hours. It’s available in 10 colors and has nearly 16,000 rave reviews on Amazon.

Get the Brita Stainless Steel Water Filter Bottle from Amazon for $ 22.49

3. Soul Therapy Diary

Soul Therapy Diary.

No matter how big a role alcohol has been – or still is – in your life, it can be worth putting your thoughts on paper to help you analyze complicated feelings. Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Jacqueline Kademian’s best-selling soul therapy journal features interactive prompts, open-ended questions, and inspirational quotes to help you overcome the dry January challenge. The 365-day diary is primarily intended to help you to generate new positive habits and to enable self-reflection during implementation.

“I use this diary every night and it’s become something I’m looking forward to,” explains one of the 2,500 reviewers. “Sometimes I smile as I write and sometimes I scream my eyes out. Regardless of what extreme emotions I feel after the journal, I always end up with a sense of peace and a growing sense that I have the right and the strength to achieve anything I want in life. Give this a chance, and if you do, I hope it will have the same positive impact on your life as it has on mine. “

Get Soul Therapy: A 365 Day Journal from Amazon for $ 19.95

4. Trident sugar free chewing gum

Trident sugar free chewing gum.

Just like when you have something in hand to keep you busy, your mouth will need something to do too. Make sure your pantry is filled with chewing gum in unique and appealing flavors like this one from Trident. The Vibes collection is particularly festive with flavors such as Peppermint Wave, Spearmint Rush, Tropical Beat and Sour Berry Twist. Each of the four handy snap-cap bottles contains 40 pieces of chewing gum that have a satisfying crispy crystal shell that melts into a chewy, long-lasting chewing gum.

Get Trident Vibes Sugar-Free Gum (4-Pack) from Amazon for $ 32.22

5. Katech knitting kit

Katech knitting kit.

When you tie your hands on a project, you become too distracted and entertained to grab a drink and you might just forget about it altogether. Use Dry January to discover a new hobby like crocheting or knitting. This 73-piece knitting kit contains everything you need to get started, such as ergonomically shaped thread needles, crochet hooks, needle point protectors, thread removal tools, a tape measure and a practical carrying bag.

“This is the perfect little kit,” says one of the 2,000 reviewers. “Everything has its place so you can see everything you have. I often crochet while traveling, so I appreciate that this set fits in a bag without any problems. “

Get the Katech 73-piece knitting kit from Amazon for $ 19.79

6. Health Ade Kombucha

Health-Ade Kombucha.

If you’re the type that needs a drink in hand, you’ll love how kombucha mimics the taste of a fruity beer while delivering plenty of gut-friendly health benefits and a refreshing, tingly sip. Health-Ade makes a nasty kombucha that is filled with live probiotics and made from cold-pressed organic juice and tea. Best of all, the strain pack has the kinds of flavors you just can get to hope to see in a bar like Pink Lady Apple, Pomegranate and Bubbly Rose.

“It’s the best kombucha you can buy,” says one person. “It tastes much better than the others and is made in small quantities so it is especially healthy for your intestines. All of the flavors are delicious. I will definitely buy again !! ”

Get the Health-Ade Kombucha Variety Pack (12-Pack) from Amazon for $ 44

7. Clif bars

Clif bars.

Do you reach for a drink after work or while watching TV? As an alternative, keep some nutritious but tasty snacks handy to keep your energy levels in check. Clif bars are a great option. They contain high-carb oatmeal, rice flour, chocolate, soybeans, cane sugar, and more. Plus, you’ll get a solid dose of protein and fiber to help stabilize your blood sugar levels and help you feel full. This pack of 16 contains a range of addicting flavors like white chocolate macadamia nut, peanut butter banana, chocolate brownie, and a mysterious taste.

Many of the 16,000 reviewers say they taste better than any other energy bar they’ve ever had: “These are some of the most delicious energy bars I’ve tried and the variety package lets you try a variety of great tasting and very satisfying bars. I subscribed to it monthly because I like it so much. “

Get the Clif Bars Variety Pack (16 pieces) from Amazon for $ 29.99

8. Talkspace


For some people, getting thoughts down on paper is only half the battle. Enter the Talkspace online therapy app. After your first online consultation, Talkspace connects you with a licensed therapist and you can chat back and forth quickly with guaranteed short response times. It’s said to cost 80 percent less than regular in-person sessions, which makes it both convenient and affordable.

With 6,000 5-star ratings, Talkspace has earned praise for improving the overall quality of life for its users. “Not only did I fill in the gaps for myself, but I also shared parts of my past, ultimately gaining a lot more awareness of myself and my fears than just texting friends and family would have done,” says one reviewer .

Sign up for Talkspace

9. NordicTrack Commercial 1750 treadmill

NordicTrack Commercial 1750 treadmill.

If you’ve ever tried hitting the gym with a hangover, you may know all too well how incompatible drinking and exercise can be. To reduce stress and anxiety without alcohol, you should invest in the NordicTrack Commercial 1750, which, according to our experts, is the best treadmill. Its speed ranges from 0.5 to 19 mph to suit a range of skills and preferences, and it offers on-demand workouts in beautiful remote locations around the world to keep you engaged. It also has a wide belt, which is robust and springy enough for optimal joint protection, and can be folded up when not in use so that you can stow it away.

Even better? While on the treadmill, you can get lost in an inspiring podcast or audiobook that offers specific tips for making the switch from alcohol, such as “The Alcohol Experiment: A 30-Day Alcohol-Free Challenge to Break Your Habits and Help.” You take control. “

Get the NordicTrack Commercial 1750 from NordicTrack for $ 1,599

10. Lululemon loungewear

lululemon loungewear.

When you combine dressing up with happy hour, change your attitude by changing your outfit. Sink into a comfortable loungewear set that makes non-alcoholic activities such as reading, watching TV or napping even more attractive. Made from some of the most comfortable and lightest materials like nylon and spandex, the lululemon Align high-rise sweatpants will work on the couch as well as on errands.

The lululemon Scuba Hoodie is lined with cozy cotton fleece for a hug of the upper body, comes with thumb holes and several pockets and is available in seven colors. “The cutest half zipper ever!” Says a fan. “I’m so happy that I finally got my hands on one of these. Warm but not too thick. “Note: They sell out quickly, so don’t hesitate.

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