Stand-Speak-Shape crochet flowers mural in Columbus Park. Courtesy Noelle Dong.

As we usher in 2022, public art installations will continue to open across New York City. From Flushing Meadows-Corona Park to Roosevelt Island, the city has tons of new public art installations to offer. To get 2022 off to a bang, be sure to check out Hana Yilma Godine’s painting exhibition A hair salon in Addis Ababa, the large-format crochet flower mural Stand-speak form in Columbus Park and the statue of Sherwin Banfield honoring the legacy of American rapper LL Cool J. Also, read on to learn more about art installations from the past few months.

1. A hair salon in Addis Ababa

A painting from the A Hair Salon exhibition in Addis Ababa
Painting from the exhibition A Hair Salon in Addis Ababa. Courtesy of the artist and the Fridman Gallery. Photo by Nathanale Taye.

From January 19, 2022, both the Fridman and Rachel Uffner Galleries will present the solo exhibition A hair salon in Addis Ababa by the Ethiopian painter Hana Yilma Godine. Each gallery presents Godine’s new paintings, which depict female protagonists in domestic and public spaces on their own, making use of everyday scenes from the artist’s hometown Addis Ababa. Sample images show scenes such as wedding preparations, living room and trips to the hairdresser. In this way, Godine is working to present contemporary patriarchal and war-torn Ethiopian society with a parallel dimension in which women are safe from violence and free to express themselves.

A hair salon in Addis Ababa draws on traditional Ethiopian iconography. Godine’s paintings often use flattened perspective, elongated figures, and evenly distributed light to refer to the divinity of biblical subjects. At the same time, Godine’s work is based on reality, she paints on traditional fabrics that women buy in the local market and use to make clothes. Ultimately, this is the juxtaposition of fiction and reality A hair salon in Addis Ababa the appearance of a journey through time that offers a futuristic worldview based on spirit, community, care and hope. The exhibition can be seen until March 5, 2022.

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